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Information for Bassoon Students

       Advice for aspiring bassoonists


       Musical artistry outline in PDF format


       How to prepare for an orchestral audition


       A ranking by frequency of the most commonly required orchestral excerpts


       How high school bassoonists can best prepare for college music school auditions


       Tips on getting the most out of your college music school 



       An interview given by Carol Cope Lowe about my study with K. David Van Hoesen


       My favorite recordings (non-bassoon players)


       My advice and method for selecting a bassoon


       My recommendations for the best bassoon equipment


       Where to find bassoon music


       How to identify and cross-reference the different catalogues of Vivaldi’s bassoon concerti


       A few scholarly sources for information about the bassoon


       How to stop the leaking


       The most important exercise for building breath support, good sound and intonation


       Expanding on the Long Tone Regimen above


       Articulation Lengths in PDF format 


       Rubato for Bassoonists with examples from Milde Concert Study #5







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