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Sounds of Barrick Stees

Check this page for updates of the Steesbassoon Youtube channel, as well as other helpful and interesting soundbytes.

Shaping Reality is a fanciful video exploration of shapes through images of four knitted artworks, all created by Barry's wife, Melinda K.P. Stees.   The musical score is Shapes for bassoon and piano by noted composer and Cleveland Orchestra oboist Jeffrey Rathbun. 

Both music and video had their world premiere on April 26, 2019.  The video won Best in Show at the Aggregate Animated Shorts 4 film festival in Oakland, California in November 2020.

“Rathbun’s polychordal and ostinato-driven music beautifully matched the artist’s video Shaping Reality, which featured unspooling yarn metamorphosing into stunningly distorted cubes and spheres based on her fantastically precise, poster-sized ‘image knits.'”

—David Kulma,

(Note: performance begins at 8:40)

CDs by Barrick Stees (available for $10)

Bassoon Sonata in F Major (1904) William Hurlstone

Ballade - Moderato, ma sempre a piacere 

Divertimento on
Themes from Donizetti's
Lucia di Lammermoor 

Nostalgica, Op. 60 (1998) Miguel del Aguila


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