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Steesbassoon Products


I've developed the reed tools listed below with much thought and care. Each has unique qualities, yet works with many different reed styles.


dial (2).jpg


Orders must be submitted by email.


Please specify:

1. Item

2. Quantity

3. Method of payment

4. Name and postal address



For orders within the United States, payment can be made by personal check or PayPal.

For all other orders, PayPal only.



Orders will be shipped by Priority Mail to addresses within the United States, unless you specify otherwise. You will be charged Priority Mail rates.

For international orders, please specify the mode of shipping.

I will ship your order only after I receive your payment.

Upon receipt of your order, I will calculate shipping and email you a total cost for the order. Then initiate payment by clicking here:

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Item 1: Reamer - $125

I designed this reamer with bassoon repair technician, Ken Potsic.

The taper of the reamer perfectly matches that of the inside of the reed tube and the taper of the bocal tip. The flutes are extremely sharp and keep their edge after 1000s of reams!

Comes with an adjustable collar stop so you can set the depth of the ream. Instructions included! 

Item 2: Mandrel Pins - $9.00 ea.

Also designed with Ken Potsic.

A blend of three tapers ending at a collar provides consistent tube and throat diameter during forming and drying. 

Item 3: Pin Vise - $20.00

Accepts pin shaft and provides stability to the blank during forming.

Item 4: Drying Rack - $35

Available with 12 or 24 holes

Item 5:
1 Dozen Long Rubber Bands - $2

For use in forming.

Item 6: Scoring Tool - $30

Blade edges are staggered to fit the contour of cane.
Choose the number of scores (5,6 or 7).

Also available with extra center space (with 6 blades only). See below.

Item 7: Dial Indicator - $325


The Steesbassoon Dial Indicator

The steesbassoon dial indicator comes with a dial accurate to 5 ten-thousandths of an inch. The dial reads from 0 to 50 thousandths of an inch in one revolution.

Here are the features that make this the best, most accurate, dial available for reedmaking.

dialpin .JPG

This dial's accuracy is due to the unique design of the stylus tip. Most dial indicator styli are uniformly flat. The curve of the gouge will not conform to the flatness of the stylus, leaving an air pocket that makes measurement inaccurate. My stylus has a small contact point on the tip which lines up with the ball end of the indicator piston, giving it caliper-style accuracy.


Since the blades of the reed are curved, the blade thickness cannot be accurately measured with flat surfaces. Accurate measurement of the thickness of a curved surface is made by using a caliper. The two contact points of the caliper fit flush on both sides of the curved surface.  


The stylus is machined from Grade 5 Titanium for a rigidity that ensures it will not be deformed by the drop of the dial piston. This dial indicator returns to zero after every measurement.

The spring tension of most dial pistons can be damaging to reed tips. I have removed the spring in the dial works to reduce the force exerted on the reed blade by dropping the dial piston down.

The stylus is calibrated in 1/8" increments starting with the very tip of the reed. Many dial styluses are not accurate at this point.

The dial face is movable if the dial needs to be zeroed out.

Grabbing the dial by the posts or by the dial itself can change the measurement of the dial, so I've machined a thumb groove in the base of the dial for handling.


8. Cane Easel - $25 - $35

A. Basic easel with center score - $25

B. Steesbassoon easel - $35

with my measurements scored: wires, center, tip, collar

C. Custom easel - $35

you must supply which scores (wires, wires and collar, etc.) you want and measurements, including total length of gouge. Please specify English or metric measurements.

easel .jpg

Steesbassoon easel


The easel comes with a flat back, but can be ordered with a ledge for butting up against a tabletop edge

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